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21 January 2014

While preparing for our 2nd class, I began thinking about some of the rhetorical design choices made when creating my blog. I thought about the header image, and what I wanted it to represent. Then it hit me: that original image (a stock WordPress choice) wasn’t a precise representation of the type of organic network I was going for. So what would be. Of course: a coral reef, an entire ecosystem made of a network of organic and structural (mechanical) connecting nodes. So, I have three terms in my network vocabulary worth exploring: network, rhizome, and now…ecosystem.

17 January 2014

Readings assigned during this Networks class are all quite new to me; at least, unexpected. Some cross boundaries from what seem to be technical writing materials; seeing the world of composition / rhetoric through this new layer should — hopefully — produce new rhizomatic growths in my research and in my teaching. While my “official” reading notes will be posted elsewhere on this site, I’m setting aside this page for more “freewriting-styled” responses for use in future applications.

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