HTW Activity Response 2: Daniel’s Social Network Nodes

I may be an oddity, because I only use one social networking site: Facebook. I have a Twitter account, but never use it. I know Google Hangout exists, but I haven’t used it either. So, I thought I’d subdivide the ways I use FB through some of its built-in naming or organizational tools that are designed to create network nodes: family, friends (with some overlap through work), and membership in groups. I completed this activity shortly after completing Leslie’s activity on Buses, and so when I began to draw connecting lines between groups, I began to think of how a single line can represent a means of transferring data … which I think this illustration implies. What this image could have included as well are unseen / untracked dispersion patterns. Facebook allows sharing, which often leads to data moving iSocial Network_ HTW Activity (Daniel)n unexpected, sometimes unintended ways. For example, I see a lot of interesting material posted on my ODU groups, which I then Share with either Friends or Work acquaintances because I see relevant applications / appreciations there. So does that mean I serve as a sort of CPU, or is that the Facebook space? And these connecting lines I’ve drawn — I’ve represented them as “serial buses,” but would it have been more accurate to represent them as “parallel buses”?

Interesting cross references here!

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  1. I like the way you used the terms to think through social networking! I have to say, Facebook is probably the CPU in this metaphor because it actually processes all of data and that you’re the bus because you transfer the data. I also think you’d be considered a serial bus because you can’t transfer multiple data or processes simultaneously–you have to choose an order of transfer for the things you want to share. Does that make sense??

    • Yes, that does. And I agree, the Facebook interface (and all the algorithms hard at work behind that inter-face) processes the incoming and outgoing data. I have to think (perhaps that need to believe we have some hand in the way we exert control over the mechanical networks — adding the organic) that in some capacity I get to play a CPU role in that I decide which direction some of that sharing activity takes eventually, making conscious connections between my knowledge of group / individual interests or potential interests.

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